PwC formalises new consulting service around ContractPodAI’s gen AI assistant 

Big Four accounting giant PwC has launched a new consulting service around ContractPodAI’s gen AI legal assistant ‘Leah.’ PwC, which also works with Harvey AI, announced a year ago that it had entered an alliance with ContractPodAI. It was envisaged at the time that Leah would form a part of that alliance. The announcement today (19 March) formalises and extends that announcement. 

PwC’s legal business solutions department says that it will be leveraging Leah to expand their delivery and implementation capacity. What that means is that PwC can use Leah internally to help it deliver client work more efficiently, and the alliance is also intended to help PwC deliver new products and tailored client solutions. From ContractPodAI’s perspective, it means that Leah has gone through PwC’s vetting process and that it will have exposure to potential customers across the 150 countries that PwC operates in. 

Leah uses gen AI, natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics to automate various aspects of contract related work, such as redline, data extraction, and discovery tools. It also generates insights and recommendations based on large volumes of data. 

Commenting on the latest development of its alliance with ContractPodAI, Frederic Mirza Khanian, global legal business solutions leader in PwC Germany, said: We’ve been working with ContractPodAi for some time now and I’m confident that our alliance with Leah will significantly improve what we can offer to our clients with industry leading multi-model GenAI technology. This partnership aligns with our global strategy: a human-led and tech-powered approach in order to serve our clients faster, better and more accurately. Our recent Annual Global CEO Survey showed that nearly three-quarters (70%) of CEOs believe generative AI will significantly change the way their company creates, delivers, and captures value in the next three years. With this partnership, we will combine the power of technology and data with understanding, context and experience to ensure we answer genuine needs and solve genuine problems.”

PwC announced its strategic alliance with Harvey in March 2023, and in October it announced a strategic alliance with OpenAI and Harvey to train and deploy foundation models for tax, legal and human resources services, following PwC’s adoption of ChatGPT Enterprise for use across PwC UK. In February, PwC launched a UK tax AI assistant tool.