Webinar Replay: Getting started with generative AI and automation – It’s not as difficult as you might think

In this webinar, Lewis Silkin’s portfolio lead Daniel Solomon talked a packed online audience through the work that the UK top 100 law firm is doing with NetDocuments’ document automation tool PatternBuilder and its new generative AI version PatternBuilder Max. NetDocuments’ head of product for AI & automation, Scott Kelly, gave a demonstration of the gen AI product, which helps users to summarise, extract and draft legal documents.

For Lewis Silkin, this is the ‘third wave’ of automation after they used BigHand and then a standalone automation solution, followed by this DMS-integrated tool. Solomon says: “When NetDocuments first said they had a document automation solution we didn’t think we needed it, but it blew us away and it resolves the pain points of existing solutions.”

Some of those pain points include the ability of PatternBuilder to do calculations; ingest house style; and bring automation to where the lawyers work.

In terms of tips for identifying use cases and increasing adoption, Solomon says that having champions in groups and simply having conversations with people often works best.

Kelly said: “Firms struggle with the art of the possible and people don’t know what you can automate. The key is knowing where to bring in the expertise.”

Solomon and Kelly shared their insights and best practices on determining pain points ripe for automation; selecting tools; and then building out solutions to quickly see ROI on your investment.