Opus 2 announces launch of AI Labs for clients to take “active role” in case management development

Disputes software and services provider Opus 2 on 23 April announced the launch of AI Labs, a program that invites clients to take an active role in the development process of its case management system. 

Opus 2 says that AI Labs participants will be the first to explore how AI will be integrated into the Opus 2 platform, using it to summarise documents, extract information, and structure data. As part of the program, legal teams will engage with developers at Opus 2 to provide real-world expertise, process feedback, and use case insights. 

While there will be those in the market that are cynical about labelling what arguably should be part of the development process ‘Labs’, the client feedback we’ve seen on the gen AI work that Opus is doing is very positive.  

“At Legalweek I had the chance to see a demonstration of the Opus 2 generative AI intended integration. I was thrilled to see their approach on how attorneys can leverage generative AI to work with key documents and build their case story,” said Caroline Sweeney, director of knowledge management and innovation at Dorsey. “This is going to be revolutionary, and we are excited to be signed up to work with them as they get ready to roll this functionality out to users.”  

Raymond Bentinck, chief product officer at Opus 2 said that Opus is committed to building AI capabilities that deliver long-term value and solve real challenges facing legal teams, which we commend. “We’re excited that AI Labs gives us the opportunity to partner with our clients again as we continue to design, develop, and deliver industry-leading solutions,” he said. 

Opus 2 clients can register their interest in AI Labs with their account manager.