Adobe announces general availability of Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise customers

Adobe today (8 May) announces the availability of Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise customers.

Integrated into Acrobat workflows, the AI Assistant is a gen AI conversational engine that can help legal and compliance teams create emails, reports and presentations from the information in their documents, including ordinarily static PDFs. An example given is that they can use the tool to quickly summarise and communicate how pending regulations may impact their business to help formulate next steps.

Adobe says that no customer content is used to train the LLM.

The new features, announced in beta earlier this year, are available through an add-on subscription to all Reader and Acrobat enterprise and individual customers across desktop, web and mobile. That means they are likely to appeal to existing Adobe customers, and it will be interesting to see adoption rates when compared with Microsoft Copilot, which has overlapping functionality.

Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president of Adobe Document Cloud, said: “Acrobat AI Assistant dramatically reduces the time spent reading and searching for information, enabling employees to develop insights faster and slash the time they spend creating content.”

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