Helm360 launches legal tech partner alliance program

Legal IT consultancy Helm360 has launched a legal technology partner alliance program to provide law firms with a centralized source of vetted, best-in-class providers. The program builds on Helm360’s own technology solutions and services.

“By combining our strengths, we’re creating a powerful legal tech ecosystem that provides law firms with unparalleled service and expertise,” said Bim Dave, Helm360’s executive vice president. “Our shared commitment to client success ensures that legal teams will benefit from a single point of contact and the combined knowledge of industry-leading professionals. This strategic alliance empowers law firms to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the legal tech landscape.”

Helm360 says it will select and vet its global vendor alliance partners based on the quality of their talent, industry knowledge and client service delivery track record. Current early members include:

  • Emerald Consulting

  • OLAP Solutions

  • Colonsay Consulting

  • JMC Legal Tech

  • ECube

Helm360 is currently assessing other potential members and plans to expand the program in the coming months.

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