Alt-V Law takes Collas Crill from LexisOne to Elite 3E in 14 months   

Legal management consultancy Alt-V Law has assisted offshore law firm Collas Crill to replace its legacy LexisOne ERP system with Elite 3E, in a project that we’re told was delivered from start to finish in just 14 months. Alt-V Law also engaged legal tech services provider Harbor on discrete elements of the project to ensure that the tight timeframe was met.  

This is only the second LexisOne replacement that we are aware of, following Browne Jacobson’s roll out of Aderant last year. LexisOne was acquired from LexisNexis in 2019 by Microsoft Gold partner SA Global, which rebranded the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system as evergreen.   

Collas Crill deployed 3E in January this year with what Alt-V Law’s co-founder and director Natalie Kuebler says was minimal disruption to month-end processes.  

Kuebler told Legal IT Insider: “Collas Crill had been live on LexisOne for a number of years, I think they were the first that went live on it. We were involved in the selection process for a replacement and took the firm through the due diligence process and options, really looking to align it with their strategy moving forward, including in terms of the pathway to the cloud. We’re working with them more broadly in the sense of how their operating model sits behind this tech, and the broader strategy piece. We did the due diligence for the new finance system and took them through the full implementation.” 

She adds: “It was delivered from start to finish in 14 months. We deployed in January, and it has exceeded the success criteria.” 

Asked whether Collas Crill have gone live on 3E Cloud, Kuebler said: “Some elements are cloud and some are on premises, but we’ve implemented it with cloud readiness guiding principles so it can be lifted and shifted into the cloud at a point in the future.”  

Kuebler said of the project: “What Collas Crill has done exceedingly well during this project is not to waiver in relation to the governance and due diligence controls around the quality of the delivery. Even though we were focused on delivering quickly, they have maintained those controls throughout, and that has given them a quality outcome. They have also put a great focus on the organisational readiness of the firm and put together a great learning strategy, which has helped to make sure they didn’t see that post-deployment dip in billing, in fact they saw the opposite.”