Norton​ Rose Fulbright’s head of legal ops talks in-house transformation

Stephanie Hamon is head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright, helping corporate legal teams to – whether we all like the expression or not – do ‘more with less.’  


Legal IT Insider’s editor Caroline Hill chatted with Hamon about how she and her team help general counsel and legal operations heads to set and deliver new strategies, including, often, getting more out of their existing tech stack. 


As Hamon knows well from her time as managing director and head of external engagement for legal in Barclays, in-house teams are a cost centre and often come fairly far down the pecking order when it comes to new technology. Hamon said: “One thing that remains a constant is that they have a limited budget and need to select the right tool. They are further down the pecking order when it comes to technology because organisations tend to prioritise tools for revenue generating teams. That said, there is a big trend around doing more with their existing tech stack. When reality confronts you and you don’t have the luxury of a tool that meets 100% of your requirements, repurposing a tool that meets 80% of your requirements can be a good enough solution.” 


Inevitably Microsoft features very highly in those conversations and Hamon and her team are also helping in-house teams to look at how they are, could or should be using generative AI. We talk about whether generative AI will change the ways that law firms and in-house legal teams interact, and whether there is potential for real change.