WEBINAR: Is it time to return to the office?

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, it was widely assumed that working from home and hybrid working were here to stay for good. However, the more time passes, the less that appears to be the case. With law firms looking to increase productivity and visibility, many firms are insisting on a return to the office at least three days a week, including making it a condition of financial incentives such as bonuses.

In Advanced’s latest Legal Sector Trends Report, when asked the question of whether they are planning to ask staff to come to the office more, leaders of firms were split fifty-fifty, which begs the question: is it time for lawyers to return to the office, or not?

In this live webinar on 23 July at 15:00 – 16:00 BST/10:00-11:00 ET, we will look at topics including:

  • Where do you stand on more office days and why?
  • Are lawyers more productive in the office?
  • What’s the bigger challenge: productivity or talent retention? Does this shift affect that and in what direction?
  • Is it potentially a scapegoat for other performance and people management processes ignored by the legal profession?

Our speakers will include Hamzah Hafesji, group product manager for performance and talent at Advanced.


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