UK legal research challenger Vizlegal has been busy over the summer expanding its offering and is now able to offer both Irish and English/Welsh High Court filing search and tracking within a single system. Version one of England & Wales High Court filing data has been rolled out to all its customers – spanning 1995 to 2020. This means it now has searchable data on 790,000+ High Court cases in England/Wales and Ireland, spanning more than 30 years.

The new dataset contains:

 262,297 searchable filings covering 1995 to present, with a ramp in case data from 2010 onwards

 15,541 cases have submissions available for purchase (via HMCTS)

Vizlegal has also made E&W cases followable so you can get alerts when new activity occurs on a case.

Vizlegal was founded in 2015 by Gavin Sheridan and is on a mission to, in effect, democratise legal research and make English and Irish High Court filings widely accessible for the first time. It is also applying analytics to extract intelligence from UK case law – this is an area where the United States has dominated to date thanks to widely available (albeit often highly imperfect) information from PACER.

You can take a look (and sign up for a free trial) here: – let us know what you think.