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ABS: Co-op to open family law department

The Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) today announced plans to enter the family law market. CLS has been joined by three senior members of the law firm TV Edwards LLP – managing partner Jenny Beck, partner Christina Blacklaws and head of business development & strategy Chris May. (Blacklaws is a member of the Law Society Council and Beck is co-chair of the Legal Aid Practitioners Group.)

The three will help develop the family law service as CLS prepares to become an ABS, should it be successful in obtaining a licence from the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA). The CLS (part of the Co-operative Group) was formed in 2006 and currently employs more than 400 staff delivering personal injury, will writing, probate & estate administration, conveyancing and employment law-related services. The Co-operative Group employs over 106,000 staff and had a turnover of £13.7 billion in 2010.

One reply on “ABS: Co-op to open family law department”

I read that the Co-Op are planning on employing 8,000 lawyers (and I did check that figure), based on at least one per store, they will be training their own and ignoring the current rapacious educational rip off's, they are using their own software development department to write “legal IT” code, and do not have a financial model that has to fund new Porche's for Partners each year. This is the real dangerous impact of an ABS entering the market, and not the hand wringing about accepting venture capital or not. The legal marketplace is going to change in a significant way. Going to be an interesting few years.

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