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Acquisition time again: Litera buys Table of Authorities vendor

Litéra has acquired New York City-based CitationWare, whose patent-pending CitationWare Professional enables creators of legal briefs to save time and avoid costly errors by facilitating the compilation of Tables of Authorities.

“CitationWare’s unique technology and reputation for customer service matches Litéra’s in providing our customers with innovative products that improve competitiveness,” said Deepak Massand, CEO of Litéra. “CitationWare Professional is an important new, patent-pending offering that we now add to the broadest portfolio of legal document applications in the industry.”

CitationWare Professional is an add-in for Microsoft Word that easily generates a Table of Authorities, the essential part of a legal brief that records its cited cases, statutes and secondary sources. CitationWare Professional employs libraries of complex regular expressions (a means of matching strings of text, such as characters, words or patterns of characters, using a formal language) to describe various citation formats. This unique method enables users to locate and validate citations within a legal document with great accuracy, eliminating the need to perform time-consuming and often imprecise conventional text searches and painful cut and paste processes.

“Litéra is the right home for our company and our customers,” said Tonio Rollé, CitationWare’s founder and CEO. “Litéra is a world-class organization with cutting-edge technology and a superior support organization. I am looking forward to collaborating with the Litéra team as we continue to introduce the benefits of CitationWare Professional to Litéra customers and expand its market footprint.”

Comment: So CitationWare has patent pending software… Hmm, does this mean that if it is awarded a patent, Litéra/CitationWare will be able close down or else force other ToA vendors, such as Levit & James with Best Authority, to licence its software? Litéra already has a patent battle going on with Workshare over metadata cleansing technology. As we ask in this week's edition of American Legal Technology Insider: is going legal the new paradigm for doing business in the legal IT world?