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Acquisition time: UK lit support co Legal Inc bought by Grant Thornton – updated

This story has been updated with some comment by Legal Inc's ebullient Lisa Burton...

Grant Thornton yesterday (19 October) announced the acquisition of litigation support and ediscovery consultancy, Legal Inc to further enhance its forensic advisory service. Grant Thornton say Legal Inc will enable the forensic advisory team to search, review and manage the large amount of data that is part of forensic investigations. In addition they will continue to provide solutions to existing clients which include corporate counsel, law firms and government regulators on early case assessment to file review and electronic presentations.

Current founding partners of Legal Inc Lisa Burton and Dipak Patel will lead the ediscovery solutions team. Lisa Burton said “Under the lead of Grant Thornton, we now have the remit and resources to develop one of the UK’s foremost forensics and investigations units, to build a centre of ediscovery excellence and innovation, and to raise the bar for service delivery and client satisfaction.”

“Legal Inc is an important addition to our forensic advisory team, and
will enable us not only to serve our UK clients but work in the
international market and address the fast moving world of information
management. Legal Inc brings an excellent existing client base and has
enabled us to provide a new capability to an established division of the
firm,” said Steve Cornmell, Forensic Managing Partner at Grant

Additional comment by Lisa Burton “Thank you for inviting me to share comments on the transaction. Principally, Dipak and I and the entire team at Legal Inc are extremely excited to be part of the Forensic & Investigation Services Team at GT.  They have a dynamic business and one that our services and product offerings will slot into very well.  We, on the other hand can offer literally, a one-stop solution across the entire EDRM approach with the added granularity of knowledge and business support that an established organisation such as GT can provide.  This means that our calibre of work will become more interesting providing us with the ability to deliver class solutions to levels that we have not previously had the opportunity to work on.”