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Acquisitions ahoy – here's another one: Winscribe buys SRC

Winscribe, one of the world’s largest providers of digital dictation software, today announced it has acquired 100% of its long-standing UK platinum partner SRC, UK’s leading healthcare dictation and speech recognition provider. Both Winscribe and SRC say they are delighted by the deal, which allows the two companies to pool their energies into providing the best possible customer service to their UK customer base and augment their competitive position due to the symbiotic nature of their activities.

The partnership will trade under the Winscribe brand, effectively making Winscribe the largest direct digital dictation company in the United Kingdom, with over 125,000 users, and further augmenting Winscribe’s leadership position in the UK healthcare sector, with Winscribe now directly serving over 90 NHS trusts in the UK, more than double that of its nearest competitor.

Matthew Weavers, CEO of Winscribe explained “After 12 years of working with SRC, we are delighted to welcome SRC as an official part of the Winscribe family. SRC’s in-depth knowledge of the UK healthcare and legal sector, as well as their extensive track record of providing our combined customers with expert advice, non-disruptive installations of Winscribe software solutions and world-class aftercare has always impressed. Joining forces with all the fantastic people at SRC will mark a new era for Winscribe in the United Kingdom. It is a step that we take collectively for our customers, who deserve nothing but the best, both in terms of enterprise technology and customer service excellence.”

Colin Howman, co-founder of SRC added “SRC and Winscribe share the same mission – to ensure our customers achieve cost savings and productivity improvements through the delivery, implementation and support of leading edge technologies. This new partnership will allow us to do just that, realize the efficiencies that can be gained from combining our energies and focus ourselves on delivering the best possible customer experience. We have had a long and wonderful partnership with Winscribe and are excited by the prospect of working together even more closely in the future.”

“For all SRC customers, this means business as usual. For everyone interested in digital dictation, this means there never has been a better time to consider Winscribe for their organization“, noted Philip Vian, CEO of Winscribe Europe. He further added “This is a very strong signal to all our competitors. Winscribe is focusing on the United Kingdom, and especially on the healthcare and legal markets. We know that we have the best product in the marketplace, the most innovative and stable enterprise dictation software solution. But more importantly, we love our customers. We will work tirelessly to make their lives easier, and have their needs responded to quicker. This partnership is all about our customers.”

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yesterlaw personified. Sorry guys but too little too late – we are giving back digdic licences every quarter as the younger generation of lawyers type and are increasingly self sufficient. Big hand have a chance with their SR software that cuts the secretary out but even that will be short-lived. As tablets start to become the norm, it's only a matter of time before Siri (and Microsofts soon to be announced equivalent) remove the need for these yesterlaw products.

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