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Aderant adds project accounting capabilities

Aderant has announced the availability of new Aderant Expert functionality that enables firms to track, manage, and report on project-related expenditures.  Project Accounting allows firms to track time and costs by projects in addition to more traditional methods, such as by office, departments, or profit centers.
Part of Expert General Ledger, the new Project Accounting capability addresses the growing need of law firms to accurately track time and expenditures that are related to specific events, such as moving offices, refreshing attorney laptops or handheld wireless devices, sponsoring a seminar or golf tournament, internal training, and more.  Since these events frequently cross organizational boundaries and often have a finite lifespan, the new component treats them as unique projects to which staff time and expenses can be associated. The Project Accounting capability provides firms with greater reporting and analysis flexibility.  Firms can track and report project-related costs against budgeted amounts, improving firm management and decision making.

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Or further evidence of evolution (fo no extra charge) as opposed to Revolution (at a price!)

Up to a point – Resolution is now part of Tikit – and Freshfields have just re-signed with them

Or further evidence that Aderant's (or CMS or Solution 6 or whatever they were called at the time dependant on which venture capilist firm owned them at the time) use of the line “lipstick on a pig” to have a go at Elite in the past has come around to bite them on the a**e? They were saying at the time that any incremental change to an existing system was a fundamentally wrong approach. Which implies “evidence of evolution” is a fundamentally wrong approach. Your words, not theirs.

Expert instructor for porcine flying students available ; contact 12 Gough Square….but be careful the last flight left them in 64 bits

I am sorry sir, but the Emperor is somewhat indisposed at the moment as it seems someone has mislaid his flying clothes and trotters. They were resourced and planned but there was a bit of a cock-up on the old production front.

I'm sorry, I've lost the plot here – who is the emperor with new clothes and who is the pig with lipstick – and are they related to the midgets giving awards to other midgets?

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