Yesterday’s announcement that Aderant has bought the Redwood Analytics business from LexisNexis has prompted a number of reactions, including how will Redwood sit with Aderant’s existing ClearView BI product – and what the sale means for the longer term involvement of LexisNexis in the legal software market. (The latter enquiry came from a LexisNexis manager.) We’ll be talking to LexisNexis next week and will report back later, in the meantime Tom Jones, the president of US BI vendor Iridium Technology has issued this statement…

Iridium Technology is pleased to announce Iridium BI – a complete business intelligence solution designed specifically for legal and professional services firms. Iridium BI consists of five modules: GL, Revenue, Expense, Profitability, and Planning (Budgeting). Each module consists of a high performance cube and a complete set of dashboards, and all modules fully support both Aderant and Elite implementations and competes directly with Aderant ClearView, Elite BI, and Redwood.

“Iridium BI has been built from the ground up on an innovative new architecture designed to easily support customizations and the merging of disparate data sources”, says Jones. “The key differentiators of Iridium BI are query speed, dashboard speed, and customization capabilities. If any of these have been issues with your current BI solution, then we need to talk! Having our product launch this week is very timely.  Clients need to know that they have options for their BI solution. We welcome head-to-head comparisons with any other BI product, and want to emphasize that 30-day No Cost/No Obligation trials are available for most Iridium BI modules.”

To learn more about Iridium BI click here