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Aderant formally launch StarLaw DMS

This afternoon – at 3:30pm EST (8:30pm UK time) – Aderant will formally announce the availability of its StarLaw suite of document, records and email management applications at LegalTech New York 2010. Aderant acquired the StarLaw suite in August 2009, since then, the company worked to bring the next generation of the StarLaw application suite, which provides attorneys, timekeepers and other law firm personnel with easy access to the information they need regardless of its format or location, to market.

The StarLaw suite includes applications for document management, records management and email management. The StarLaw document management application enables firms to effectively control and monitor electronic content throughout the entire document lifecycle process, including storage, retrieval, modification, review and preservation. The StarLaw records management application archives, tracks and retrieves all firm-protected electronic and physical content. And the application suite's email management functionality enables attorneys and legal staff to efficiently file and organize all relevant email messages as well as associated attachments.

Aderant has also expanded its own inhouse document, records and email management expertise.  The company has hired development, support, consulting and sales personnel who will focus exclusively on its StarLaw application suite. These new hires include several key former StarLaw employees.

“Successfully introducing StarLaw to the legal community is a major milestone for Aderant,” says Michael Kohlsdorf, President & CEO.  “It greatly expands the breadth of solutions we provide law firms, allowing us to meet their front and back office needs while also reducing IT complexity and costs.” Several law firms, including Cooley Godward Kronish LLP and O'Melveny & Meyers LLP, are early adopters of the StarLaw application suite.

Aderant is hosting a free seminar about StarLaw, its capabilities and how law firms can use it to improve how they manage documents, records and emails at LegalTech this afternoon (Tuesday, February 2nd) at 3:30 PM EST in the 4th floor New York Suite of the Hilton New York.