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Aderant launches SaaS alternative

Aderant today announced the general availability of Aderant Practice Manager, a new practice management application designed specifically for the needs of small and mid-sized law firms. Aderant Practice Manager provides firms with integrated time and billing, practice management, and financial management and reporting capabilities delivered via the Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model.
“Small and mid-sized law firms face many of the same challenges as their larger counterparts, but until today they have not had access to the same type of integrated practice management application that can help them overcome these issues,” said Michael Kohlsdorf, Aderant's President & CEO. “Practice Manager distills our more than 30 years of experience helping hundreds of law firms around the world to manage and improve their operations into an application uniquely suited for the needs – and limitations – of smaller firms.”
Aderant Practice Manager was designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of small and mid-sized law firms. These firms often use multiple applications to support their attorneys and manage their operations. They incur additional costs and time delays as these applications are often not integrated. They often have to rekey critical data or transactions from one system to another to complete essential business processes, such as billing clients or producing financial reports. Compounding this problem, these firms also often lack large IT departments to effectively manage these disparate applications as well as their required technology infrastructure. Aderant Practice Manager helps firms overcome these issues. The application’s comprehensive functionality provides firms with a single solution for all of its practice management needs. Its tight integration means data and transactions flow seamlessly, eliminating the need for firms to re-enter data. Aderant Practice Manager’s SaaS distribution model also greatly reduces a firm’s need for IT resources to manage the application.
Other features of the new offering include…
• Provides law firms with comprehensive, integrated functionality. It includes robust functionality for time entry, billing, conflicts management, calendaring and docketing, and financial management and reporting.
• Delivered through the Software as a Service distribution model where software applications are remotely hosted and users can securely access them from anywhere with an internet connection. No software is required on a timekeeper’s computer other than a web browser.

7 replies on “Aderant launches SaaS alternative”

Now this is available, it surely will have LexisNexis looking over there shoulder in the Small to Medium market.

It seems the business and professional services are seriously considering rolling out free software in 2010. Over half indicated in a recent research programme commissioned by Global Graphics that they were discussing it with senior management with the intention of implementation. You can find more details on the use of free software in business and professional services here

Not to mention all of those other IT/software suppliers to the small and medium sized firms whose software is cast in unsupported Micrsoft Visual Basic or even Unix/Informix and needs and update across every PC in the organsation to remove a bug.

Lexis Nexis Axxia tried this about 10 years ago. Very little interest as law firms are reluctanct to let their data outside their control.

That was 10 years ago – but that was very early days for this kind of technology (altho I think the first Axxia site is still using their service) whereas the concept of SaaS/cloud technology is now more established. Elite also experimented with the technology a few years back as well. CC

Does anyone know if this will be provided outside of the US market?

My understanding is that it will – expect more news in the build up to Aderant's UK/EMEA Momentum event in July

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