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Aderant release Expert v8.0

You'll be able to see this product at LegalTech New York next week however Aderant has today announced that Aderant Expert Release 8.0, the company’s flagship practice and financial management system for law and professional services firms, is now available. As the most extensive update of ADERANT Expert delivered in several years, this release gives firms a best-in-class software platform to run their businesses and drive greater productivity, revenues, and profits. New features include:

•    A new Expert Time Management module was designed from the ground up to be the best in the industry. It provides innovative capabilities that greatly simplify entering, reviewing, and editing time. Numerous methods for time capture support multiple user behaviors and preferences, giving timekeepers unprecedented flexibility, speed, and accuracy that will maximize billable time throughout the firm.

•    Significant new functionality has been added to more effectively manage complex and ever-changing fee rate structures. With a streamlined user experience for handling rates and enhanced reporting, firms can improve the overall administration of their various rates structures.

•    Paperless Billing speeds a firm’s capture to cash cycle with streamlined, electronic prebill review and editing. Expert 8.0 further streamlines the review, editing, and now also the approval processes. Additional information and calculations are available to improve awareness while editing and increase accuracy.

•    Scheduling, managing, and monitoring alternative fee arrangement matters and matter portfolios is easy with the new features, including workflow, added to Expert Matter Planning, ensuring that all engagements meet the firm’s profit targets.

“We are excited about the Expert 8.0 release. The rates management and time entry enhancements show Aderant’s continued commitment to the Expert product line,” stated Swen Nielsen, financial systems manager for early adopters Squire Sanders (US) LLP. “As a global law firm, one of the key reasons that we have partnered with ADERANT for so many years is their continued focus on addressing the often complex requirements of firms like ours.”

8 replies on “Aderant release Expert v8.0”

Based on recent Aderant track record, “released now” means “working and installable in about a year”.

Actaully it is already installed in a few firms who worked with the company.

Would that be in the same way that Starlaw is “actaully (sic) already installed in a few firms who worked with the company?”. Glad I wasn't one of those firms.

As critical as you might be on Aderant, their stuff isn't uninstalled like another major global vendor. We hear the the early 8.0 firms are quite happy. They apparently have a slick new time program. We'll see what happens.

Charles, isn't this link to their matter planning module, not the time entry module? Or are they one in the same (I didn't think so)? On this subject however AFAs are certainly of significant interest to law firms at the moment, but what is the real adoption rate of these sorts of platforms? Elite have their Engage product which is similar and it would be interesting to know how many Aderant firms are actively using Expert Matter Planning today? It seems to me that it's a significant challenge to implement what is a very different way of working for many lawyers and you'd want a well thought through interface to put in front of them.

When this conversation first started on Twitter, the criticism was that Aderant did not appear to have any offerings catering for the 'new normal' in the legal world – MatterPlanning is their tool for AFA planning.
However we also need to take into account that most law firms are a conservative, long way behind the curve bunch, so you can't criticise any supplier for concentrating on the meat & potatoes stuff rather than going all out for bleeding edge innovation …CC

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