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Aderant say Microsoft provides bridge to the future

Commenting on the company's performance this year, Aderant's president & CEO Michael Kohlsdorf said “the outstanding performance in 2008 sets the stage for the introduction in early 2009 of the next-generation of the company's business management application suite – the Aderant Expert Golden Gate Release.” This new release will leverage Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 technologies, including Windows Workflow Foundation, to deliver workflow-enabled file opening and enhanced time entry capabilities as well as provide users with contextual access to tasks, information, and collaboration tools.

“Aderant is taking advantage of Windows Workflow Foundation and other Microsoft .NET Framework technologies in the Golden Gate release of Aderant Expert, which can deliver strong business solutions to Microsoft customers around the world,” said Paul Andrew, senior product manager for Microsoft. “We are confident Aderant's incorporation of Microsoft .NET technologies can provide organisations with even more cutting-edge functionality and capabilities while potentially lowering their costs.”

“There is no doubt that we have made great strides in 2008,” added Kohlsdorf. “We remain committed to providing the best products, services, and support to our clients and this commitment will continue to drive our organisation in 2009.”