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Aderant takes major RainMaker site

Hartford-based Robinson & Cole LLP has selected Aderant Expert as the firm’s new practice management system. The 240 attorney firm – which was previously one of the largest users of RainMaker Software's accounts system – evaluated various solutions before selecting Aderant.

Among other things, Robinson & Cole expects to streamline its billing process and reduce the amount of time it takes to process and submit bills. Additionally, the firm will leverage Aderant Expert’s e-billing capabilities to more effectively manage the approximately 500 e-bills it transmits each month. Currently, the firm spends days of staff time each month to manually edit and process e-bills.

5 replies on “Aderant takes major RainMaker site”

Is there any reason why a mid-market win in Aderant's home territory of the USA should make headline news in the Orange Rag in the UK?

Probably because the Orange Rag blog is an international publication with around 55% of its readership non-UK – oh, that and the fact the revolving banner clearly says 'American Legal Technology Insider'

It's certainly good to see news from all over the world on these issues. I thought only the Americans were insular??

I believe the banners refer to the LTI publication rather than the Orange Rag blog specifically, which normally seems to contain UK-centric content with the odd splurge of Autralian stuff.

Charles Christian writes “Well I'm glad everyone else has an opinion on how I run my business. The blog is intended to carry UK, American and Asia-Pacific breaking news – typically in between issues of either the UK/EMEA Legal Technology Insider or American Legal Technology Insider newsletters. There currently is not a suffcient volume of stories coming out of APAC to justify a separate newsletter. And if you still wonder why we carry US stories on this blog, try following

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