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Aderant upgreades 150th site

Aderant has just announced that US national law firm Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP (and long-time Aderant user – the firm has been a customer since 1999) has become the 150th firm to go live on Aderant Expert Release 7.5. This means that on average just over seven firms every month have implemented or migrated to Expert Release 7.5 since the it introduced in October 2007.

“We originally thought that the migration would be more involved than it actually was, especially given the new capabilities of the software,” said Edward O’Connell, Chief Financial Officer for Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP.  “In reality our upgrade went very smoothly. We were able to easily switch over to the new version of Expert. Our operations did not miss a beat.” The firm did two test conversions to ensure a seamless transition. The first conversion focused on testing upgrades the firm had done to its hardware infrastructure, including switching over to a clustered environment to gain additional performance improvements. Hinshaw then performed a second test conversion to ensure that the customisations it had done over the years to meet its unique business requirements worked with the new version. The firm also used actual production data from the prior month allowing them to fully test their month-end process, including reporting. This gave Hinshaw the ultimate confidence in moving to Expert Release 7.5 as it was able to see that the results of its month-end close were exactly the same.
Michael Kohlsdorf, President & CEO of Aderant said: “Hinshaw is a wonderful example of our ‘No Client Left Behind’ strategy, especially since this is the fourth time they have successfully migrated to a more current version of our practice management suite. We continually introduce new functionality, new capabilities, and new technologies without forcing our clients to re-implement or, more importantly, re-purchase software. This approach gives our clients the best long term value for their technology investment.”

* Comment: We love this 'no client left behind' name for the Aderant upgrade strategy – a stroke of marketing genius.

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No client left behind? …except all of their clients on their 'other' platforms which they purchased then summarily 'end of life'd' in an attempt to force their customers onto the CMS platform (AKA Expert/GG), which ironically at it's core is about the same age or older than the legacy platforms their clients are moving from… Pretty sure we didn't feel the love, and joined quite a few other firms recently moving to 3E rather than take that 'free upgrade' to CMS (which is not “just an upgrade” and actually in some areas is a downgrade from what we had). 3E actually represents a real alternative to 1990's built software and now it's matured will provide us with a platform for at least the next 10 years, which is worth every cent to anyone who actually understands technology and can look long term.
Aderant need to hope everyone has short memories, and get as excited as they do about upgrades… and Elite better hope they look after us better than Aderant ever did.
Sorry, rant over.

Wow. Aderant and Elite must be really scared after that post. The fact you were an Aderant user of 'old' technology indicates especially poor selection skills, whilst your exit plan with 3E is frankly comical.

The feuding between pms suppliers on this blog is becoming a bore. Aderant is old at the core and attractive to safety freaks, 3e is new and for innovators. Both work and will probably last for years. End of debate.

Yes, ADERANT Expert (formally CMS) is old at the core*, though does now have brand new stuff (so called Golden Gate/Windows Foundation) around the periphery and which will, very, gradually replace the 'core' stuff – and the old and new will still work together around the common database schema.
It's also true to say that non-Expert clients are being encouraged to move to Expert (and that some 'services' costs are involved, which can run into 6 figures).
So it's true to say 'no clients left behind', but that non Expert clients may need to pay somewhat.
* I must admit that the 'old' core is still incredibly flexible; I was doing things 10 years ago with it that you would have stuggled to do with any other PMS. Even just the other month I was using it to interact directly with core server components to achieve 'witchcraft' without the use of .NET etc.
3E is new, and has some great features (I've spoken to new clients who are very pleased and impressed), and while still retaining a certain degree of proprietary technology/methodology, is combined with the ability to be fully interoperable with the Microsoft stack.
And it's also true to say that existing clients were, and are, unhappy about the fundamental, chargeable, nature of upgrades.
Frankly now that 3E is seen is being implemented, stable and mature then you pays your money and takes your choice. Personally I believe a lot of the differences are more about the implementation services and complexity of implementation than they are around the fundamental nature of the products.
It's good to have healthy competition…
However the one thing I am picking up on is that both products are seen as expensive in terms of the cost of services direct from the suppliers, that suppliers need to pay more notice to existing clients (who are the best sales force), and that the purchase / license model of both products is seen as outdated.
Whilst lease arrangements can be made by 3rd parties to offset the cash flow impacts of the products, then I believe that the next key differentiator between the two will be the availability of the products on a SaaS model, both installed locally and hosted.
I would not be surprised if we start to see such availability in the near future once the suppliers can adjust their internal processes and business models, partially driven by the fact that other competitive products are also available on an SaaS model.

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