Advanced Legal (the company previously known as IRIS Legal) today announced strong sales of its flagship ILB practice management system, with deals worth nearly £1 million closed inside the first four months of 2013. And the business is targeting more growth to build on this early success.

Since January Advanced Legal has agreed deals with 26 firms, which include a mix of new customers replacing competitor systems with ILB and long-standing base customers migrating onto the ILB platform after reviewing the marketplace. During the same four month period, there have been a further 23 customer go lives, bringing the number of firms now using ILB to 248.

Doug Hargrove, managing director of Advanced Legal, said “We’re delighted with sales of ILB so far this year and are determined to continue this progress throughout 2013. Working closely with our new parent company, Advanced Computer Software Group plc, there is a continued commitment to investment and innovation which will continue to support customer growth on our ILB flagship product.”

COMMENT: New ownership? Ditching the toxic branding? Management finally given the authority to run the business? Or a combination of all three.