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Aldridge Brownlee swap out Mountain in favour of Pilgrim

Here's more on the Aldridge Brownlee deal that was mentioned in a comment earlier this week…

The Bournemouth based firm, with over 80 staff in 4 offices went through an exhaustive selection process, to replace the existing
Iris Mountain system, engaging Neil Cameron Consulting Group to
determine the best solution to meet the firm’s needs. This culminated in the firm deciding to swap-out all its existing legal systems in favour of Pilgrim's LawSoft  integrated practice, case, document and marketing management system.

Commenting on the deal, the firm's practice manager Paul Sherman said “Pilgrim demonstrated a clear willingness to work with Aldridge Brownlee to best meet our requirements, of all the systems reviewed; LawSoft offered the functionality and flexibility that we seek. In addition, the LawSoft platform is tried and tested and it was felt that this would provide a stable platform on which to develop the business. A further consideration was Pilgrim clearly having a commitment to the legal IT market and to developing the product to meet the changing environment. Finally Pilgrim’s approach to training and support was excellent, and was clearly thought through with regards to our requirements.”

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An interesting use of comma's Charles.
“ exhaustive selection process, ……., engaging Neil Cameron Consulting Group…”

And an interesting use of ellipses and apostrophes, Anonymous!

Apologies for suggesting that Charles is a possession of the comma.
I am sure that Charles is nobody's chattel. He said anonymously……..

Aside from jealousy and inadequacy why all the big & brave anonymous digs at Neil on this site?

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