It seems like it was only 12 months ago that they were changing the guard at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, with Alan Fraser talking about his plans as incoming General Manager, as he took over from the outgoing incumbent Tim Cheadle. Hang about! It was only a year ago in August 2012. Well, they are at it again.

Fraser, it seems, was only ever committed to a two-year stint as the skipper of the Death* Star’s legal applications software division and part of his remit was to find a successor. This he has now done in the shape Andy Sparkes, the director of Strategy & New Business  Development for LexisNexis UK & Ireland. Sparkes has now joined Enterprise Solutions as co-General Manager and will be working in this capacity with Alan Fraser until the end of this year. Fraser will then step down as General Manager and assume the role of Senior Adviser until the end of his tenure.

We’ll have a full interview with Fraser and Sparkes later this summer but in the meantime Fraser is very bullish about the division’s prospects with projects on the Nimbus PMS/ERP, VisualFiles caser management and InterAction CRM products all hitting their targets. Fraser says there will be two UK law firms going live with Nimbus (the successor to the now nearly 20-year-old Axxia system) by the end of this year (2013) followed by a further six in 2014 and one large law firm in 2015/16. Fraser adds that LexisNexis is being very careful not to prematurely whip up hype for the Nimbus product as the legal market already has too much “wet paint software”.

* The LexisNexis corporate logo is known as the Death Star – burst fans of StarWars will understand the reason.