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All change at LexisNexis Australia

Earlier this week LexisNexis issued the following statement… “LexisNexis Australia has appointed Theuns Viljoen as Chief Executive Officer following the recent resignation of Max Piper. Mr. Piper completed 20 years service with LexisNexis and seven years as CEO in Australia including responsibility for the Pacific region from 2005. Mr. Viljoen joins LexisNexis Australia in April 2009 with accountability for the Pacific region.

“Currently employed by LexisNexis South Africa, Mr. Viljoen joined the organisation 16 years ago and has held an executive position for the last 15 years. At present Mr. Viljoen is responsible for a wide range of business development activities in his role as Executive Director and has successfully led the LexisNexis Group’s business expansion into the rest of the African continent. Mr. Viljoen is an admitted attorney of the Supreme Court of South Africa, and holds significant legal and business academic qualifications. He began his career as a legal practitioner at Bowman Gilfillan Hayman Godfrey Inc, a leading corporate and commercial South African law firm.”

We're not sure why Max Piper left however according to our friends on Law Librarians News, at the end of last week, a message went around LexisNexis Australia's Chatswood offices saying Piper was leaving with immediate effect to pursue 'other opportunities' – a career change decision that came a little over 72 hours after Chatswood had received a visitation from Piper's boss Judy Vezmar, who is based out of London.