With the Land Registry reporting the number of homes sold in June this year was 80% down on the 2007 figures (down from 105,000 to 17,681) and HM Government considering some kind of suspension of stamp duty to help kick-start the market (actually, not a lot of use if you can't get a mortgage) how is the e-conveyancing software market faring?

According to Archie Courage of SDLT.co.uk, the market in an anomalous position for although conveyancing work is down, the volume of e-conveyancing work (or at least online SDLT submissions) is actually on the increase as more firms gear up for the abolition of bar-coded paper SDLT forms from 1st November. Courage's own data also suggests that not all law firms are being hit with uniform severity, with the firms that have a volume business or belong to panels suffering relatively modestly, while it is the independent High Street firms that are taking a more severe beating.