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Alternative legal events – and there's more…

OK, so you all laughed when we mooted the idea of an alternative legal IT event last week – but we're not the only ones. With a remarkable lack of originality, LexisNexis are currently floating this idea around the market. It appears to be being planned as an alternative to the Legal Week and Legal IT Forum events – lots of questions about whether you want to attend gala dinners. And, just for the record, we hear yet another organisation is investigating the viability of a new exhibition to compete with Legal IT Islington. As one IT director put it: “Blimey, at this rate we'll be spending all our time going to conferences.”

Web Survey – The Alternative Legal IT Summit

Welcome to this web survey. This survey is designed to assess how popular an alternative conference on Legal IT would be to those already on the market and to see what topics we should cover if we hold this conference in September 2009.

It will take less than 5 minutes to complete. The responses will be anonymous, unless you wish to take part in the prize draw (see below).

The information captured will be used only for the purposes of this research project.

By way of a thank you for taking part, you are welcome to enter a prize draw to win a bottle of Bollinger! If you wish to take part in the prize draw, please provide the details requested in question 10 and complete the survey by 5pm tomorrow Tuesday 13th January 2009


Many thanks for your assistance, which will help me in planning this and other similar events. I hope to see you at one of our conferences this year.

Kind regards,

Caroline Boyd
Conference Manager – Legal

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Turns out one of the people behind the old Ark Group Lex Connect event is working on the LexisNexis alternative legal event project.

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