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American news round-up

Some end-of-the-year news from the US…

Ulmer & Berne LLP has deployed Aderant Expert File Opening workflow across its four Midwestern offices, becoming one of the early adopters of the new workflow engine. Expert File Opening gives Ulmer & Berne a shared platform for all stages of the file opening process so that approvals and research can be done in parallel. The simultaneous approval and document sharing capabilities greatly improved automation, making it possible to qualify and accept clients and matters in a fraction of the time.
Additionally, the firm reports a marked increase in the enforcement of accounting standards and policies since implementing Expert File Opening. With a digital system in place, it is impossible for the file opening process to be completed without adherence to the prerequisite accounting policies. The policies and standards that the firm deems integral to success are written directly into the file opening formula, and are thus ensured to have been completed correctly upon file opening. “So far we are seeing the amount of time it takes to open new business go from four days or more to within 24 hours,” said Lee Ann Gilgen, Controller for Ulmer & Berne. “We will also realize a reduction in paper costs, along with more accurate data since it will not have to be reentered at each step.”

• Business intelligence specialist Iridium Technology has organized and sponsored Operation Sam’s Club which resulted in over 100 large care packages being sent to deployed US Marines in Afghanistan – over one ton of supplies!  Iridium worked with the local Sam’s Club and organized a team of community volunteers to solicit donations for the Marines from shoppers at the local Sam’s Club. “The response from the community was amazing,” said Iridium president Tom Jones, “75% of the shoppers that we approached were glad to purchase something extra for the Marines. We are able to fill two pickup trucks to overflowing, and eventually compressed the donations down into 104 large care packages that were shipped to deployed Marines in time to arrive before Christmas.

“There were three major goals for the campaign” said Jones, “Firstly to provide direct support to our deployed Marines, secondly to thank our Marines for their service and to remind them that they have strong support from the American people, and lastly to encourage people to go to to learn more about the Adopt-a-Marine program and to sponsor a deployed US Marine in Afghanistan.”