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And another acquisition ahoy – Hg buying IRIS ?

Just confirming reports that Hg Capital has acquired a majority stake in the IRIS software group including IRIS Legal Solutions.

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Its official – HgCapital has bought a majority stake in IRIS. Not exactly earth shattering news as they used to own a big stake in it before they sold it to the current private equity group …CC

I do find it somewhat surprising. They were previous investors and now choose to return and reinvest when Iris, although undoubtedly bigger, are surely in a much worse position.
One can only assume that they got a bargain!

Really? given the current state of European economies and indeed World economy in general I would view this as an expression of HG's desire to move into safe territory and ride out the current economic woes and protect their investors money.

A Christine Keeler comment if ever I saw one. (for the younger people here, Google “they would say that, wouldn't they?”) 7

A pedant writes (that'll be me – CC) actually it was Mandy Rice Davies who said that. Well I would say that wouldn't I?

I think you must be right, we (and lots of other firms I know of) have been moving away from Iris over the last year due to their previous bungled takeover – although top marks to them for beating a hasty retreat from their enforced product move – sadly only after their client numbers went into sharp decline though. A takeover of the takeover can surely only exasperate their problems?!

Your life has truly been one long descent into respectability.

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