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And another DMS swapout offer – NetDocuments take on all comers

OK, so far we’ve had OpenText, Recommind and Worldox all offering swap-out deals for users of HP Autonomy iManage DMS, search and ediscovery software however now NetDocuments has upped the ante and is taking on everyone. Today NetDocuments, a cloud-computing content management service, has announced a free Upgrade to the Cloud promotional offer for organizations of 20 to 2,000 users currently using iManage, Worldox or OpenText for enterprise document management.

Available to all on-premise licensees who upgrade by June 30, 2013, the free implementation package includes data migration, account configuration and administrative training. NetDocuments say their offer is unique compared to competing offers because it enables organizations to transition to the cloud, as opposed to moving laterally to another on-premise solution.

“The recent switch offers from Worldox and OpenText didn’t acknowledge the shortcomings of simply swapping one on-premise, server-based system for another,” said Leonard Johnson, NetDocuments vice president of marketing & product management. “While our on-premise competitors claim to alleviate iManage customer struggles, we give organizations the opportunity to leave behind the costly, hardware-intensive systems and upgrade to our superior cloud-based service. By deploying to the cloud, organizations not only eliminate hardware, but benefit from increased disaster recovery, security, mobility, improved collaboration and infinite scalability.”

For more information or to take advantage of the NetDocuments Upgrade to the Cloud offer visit

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Open Text’s offer is independent of OnPremise or Cloud, we have cloud services on offer and offer more than just Legal DMS, but also, other aspects such as integrated Secure File Sharing, Managed File Transfer for litigation and large collections of content (80x faster than FTP), social media, etc.

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