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And another little bit of legal history goes down the drain

In a statement just issued… LexisNexis has changed the name of its LexisNexis Butterworths legal library service to LexisLibrary “while continuing its commitment to the nearly 200 year old Butterworths brand”. The LexisLibrary name change will have no impact on the functionality or content of the online database service. LexisNexis has renamed LexisNexis Butterworths to LexisLibrary as part of the consistent naming structure for core components of the new Lexis Legal Intelligence offering that was launched earlier this month. LexisNexis continues to be committed to the Butterworths and Tolley brands, which during their long histories have come to stand for authoritative, comprehensive and expert commentary on legal and tax maters.

A few examples where the Butterworths brand continues to be used include:
Butterworths Civil Court Precedents
Butterworths Company Law Handbook
Butterworths Personal Injury Litigation Service Bulletin
Butterworths Family Law Service
Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law

A few examples where the Tolley brand continues to be used include:
Tolley’s Tax Annuals series
Tolley’s Tax Planning
Tolley’s Practical Tax Newsletter
Tolley’s Tax Partner containing practical tax guidance
Tolley Tax Training which includes a range of extensive leaning options

• Comment: We're clearly hopeless at all this management-speak as we'd have thought the phase “continuing its commitment to the nearly 200 year old Butterworths brand” meant keeping rather than dropping the brand name. There again, we were told only a few years ago, by one of the many long-since recycled MDs at Halsbury House, that LexisNexis would never abandon the Butterworths (founded in 1818) name. So, which part of Butterworths make the Japanese luxury cars?