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And if you are looking for a new job… maybe give Monster a miss

We know the end of the summer is that time a lot of people come back from the beach thinking… “that's it, I can't stand working for those jerks any longer” and hand in their notices. But in case you are planning to do that, you may want to give the Monster jobsboard a miss for a while. Monster have just issued the following statement…

“Monster Worldwide Inc is continuing to actively investigate and take measures
to address the impact of the malicious software, called
Infostealer.Monstres, on the company's resume database.
Monster has identified and shut down a rogue server that was
accessing seeker contact information through unauthorized use of
compromised legitimate employer-client log-in credentials.

“The information contained on this server was limited to names,
addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. The company is currently
analyzing the number of job seeker contacts impacted by this action
and will be communicating with those affected as appropriate. Monster is in the process of reaching out to its entire employer
population to mitigate any ongoing issues. In addition, Monster is
placing a security alert on the site. This information is
located on its Security Center and is designed to let visitors know
to be vigilant about any phishing email that appears to be from

The announcement follows revelations earlier this week that individual computers infected with Infostealer.Monstres trojan virus were programmed
to use pilfered recruiter credentials to pull a broad range of
information relating to job candidates and feed them to a server in
Eastern Europe. Because the queries were coming from many different
internet protocol addresses, rather than a single machine, the
fraudulent requests were probably more difficult for Monster to detect.