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And Microsoft confirm their second legal CRM of the week

You'll have seen it intimated in the comments following the Dundas & Wilson story but Microsoft has now confirmed that US/international law firm Reed Smith LLP is also switching to a CRM platform based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this case the firm is partnering with Client Profiles Inc, who have developed their own CRM4Legal implementation based on the Microsoft application. Reed Smith (the 15th largest law firm in the wortld) will be rolling out the system to 1500 lawyers in their 21 offices around the world, including the UK where they currently rank 153 in the Insider top 250 chart. (Client Profiles have also ently opened a UK office.)

Gregory Jordan, firm-wide managing partner at Reed Smith commented “We are dedicated to being one of the leading client service firms in the world and recognise that understanding our clients’ legal needs is critical to award-winning client service. We are partnering with Microsoft and Client Profiles on a firm-wide, global CRM initiative to use technology to help us identify new opportunities for strengthening, broadening and deepening our existing client relationships. The technology will also enable the firm to streamline our methodology for integrating new attorneys that join laterally or through combinations with other firms.”

While Brad Wilson, general manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Microsoft added “The path to CRM success is often blocked by poor user adoption, largely due to CRM systems that are unfamiliar and difficult to use. Microsoft Dynamics CRM works the way people work, through familiar Microsoft Office and Outlook interfaces, which helps ensure active adoption and broad applicability to a wide variety of users and teams within organisations like Reed Smith.”