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And more DMS news: Worksite takles to the cloud

At LegalTech New York today, Autonomy has unveiled a raft of new products but one that particularly catches the is what the company describes as the industry’s most comprehensive, cloud-based information management platform for the legal and financial markets, combining the iManage WorkSite DMS plus Records Manager, Universal Search, Process Automation and ConflictsManager.  

Autonomy’s cloud-based Information Management platform leverages Autonomy’s private cloud, the world’s largest private cloud with more than 17 petabytes of data. With over ten years of experience hosting applications for some of the largest corporations in SAS 70 compliant data centers, Autonomy says it is uniquely positioned to enable legal and financial firms to leverage its information management platform as a secure SaaS offering. The platform allows inside counsel and outside counsel, as well as service providers to collaborate on a single set of data in the cloud, eliminating the need to proliferate multiple copies of content and information handoffs across disparate networks. This unique legal chaining capability enables rapid deployment, enhanced collaboration, on-demand scalability, tighter security, and lower total cost of ownership for all parties involved. The Autonomy platform can also seamlessly integrate with Autonomy’s Meaning Based Governance suite of applications to protect the informational assets of organizations across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

“With the introduction of WorkSite as a hosted solution, Autonomy is leading the legal industry towards the inevitable migration to the cloud,” said Scott Christensen, Director of Information Services at Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP. “Corporate counsel and law firms will embrace cloud-based computing as a lower-cost, more effective information management strategy that results in better collaboration and efficiency.”

Autonomy’s cloud-based Information Management platform includes the following modules:

•    WorkSite – Enables law firms and corporate clients to link directly to relevant matter for a particular investigation or case, resulting in quicker access to corporate data and lower eDiscovery costs. It enables global corporations to effectively control their data by avoiding copying and distributing data to external parties and deleting data according to policy. Autonomy empowers mobile lawyers with on-demand access to matter content from anywhere at any time on any mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad. This dramatically reduces time, cost and risk of spoliation and loss of data.

•    Records Manager – Supports the unique requirements of the law firm by providing dual hierarchy file plans for the management of both client and firm records, mobility support, ethical wall security, federation across all data sources, including robust physical records management, as well as manage-in-place and case management capabilities.

•    Universal Search – Delivers an intuitive search solution tailored to meet the needs of lawyers that leverages the powerful conceptual search capability of IDOL to produce results that are contextually relevant. Universal Search goes far beyond simple search to provide users with automatic categorization, automatic hyper linking, faceted navigation, audio and video search.

•    Process Automation – Addresses the need in complex eForms and information processing implementations to manage forms and documents. Users are guided through the process using an intuitive wizard or table of contents-type director to ensure completion at each step.

•    ConflictsManager – Enables law firms to quickly and efficiently identify any potential conflict of interest prior to accepting a new business engagement.  This module allows risk managers and conflicts analysts to more quickly and soundly vet potential new business and lateral hires and reduce the risk of unknown conflicts. Autonomy accelerates the process of obtaining and adhering to waiver letters, ensuring that the firm and their clients have the protection required and billable work can commence quickly, saving time and yielding higher revenue.  

“Autonomy’s unique meaning-based technology, comprehensive offering, and deep understanding of the legal and financial markets allow us to deliver the most effective and proven platform for information management in the cloud,” said Neil Araujo, CEO of Autonomy Protect Legal Systems. “Autonomy’s cloud-based Information Management platform offers a faster deployment option, with on-demand scalability and a lower total cost of ownership.”

Comment: We need to see the pricing but going onto the cloud could reignite interest in the Worksite DMS platform as well as give some of the smaller cloud DMS vendors a serious problem.