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And Season's Greetings to all our readers

Greetings to all our readers, comment-posters (even if you are almost exclusively Anonymous) and even to the people & vendors we are habitually rude about – as without you this blog would just be a legal tech

Disclaimer: when we say Season's Greetings we also recognise
Happy Christmas + Yuletide + Winter Solstice + Hanukkah + Yalda +
Saturnalia + Kwanzaa + Winterval – and any other Winter
Festivals we may have overlooked.

11 replies on “And Season's Greetings to all our readers”

Is that a church-tower in the picture or the belfry at Castle d'Orange, the ancestral home of the Guild of Legal Technology Editors, motto 'Lex, Tech, Feck'

And a special thanks to Philips Speech Processing for the hamper that's just arrived – CC

Charles did the 12 bottles of stout make it to your offices from all at Saturn27? I fear not as that blog response I did that was in reality a heavily disguised advert for our services does not appear to have been published !
David Gallagher
Merry Christmas from all at 'Satan27' or 'Saturd27' as recent mail has been addresse to us !

Satan27 – all part of the Royal Mail's diabolic service to customers

I'm sure the vendors have got thick-enough skins to cope with it, and besides, the pantomime that is our business needs its baddies else it wouldn't be panto, and your blog wouldn't be so entertaining.
seasons greetings , best of luck, to you and yours, and all for that matter.

HA ! Now theres an idea ; pls supply a list of knobs or otherwise to audition for the LEGAL IT SHOW PANTO BEAUTY and the BEAST ! A young and upcoming lass get lumbered with an ape of a supplier to install a new system but he turns out to be not to bad after all….doesn't he ….DAH DAH DAH
Karen J
Janet D
Abby E
Jan D
Julie B
David Thorpe
Harry Townsend (makes a return from retirement !)
Jim Cummings
Alan Richardson
Cant think of anyone from Iris or LN as the folk I know are gone!
Over to you !

Act 1, Scene 1 starts with Jack, a country bumpkin (aka a simple partner from a rural law firm) entering the big city on market day (Islington Legal IT Show/Legal Tech NYC delete as appropriate) with an old cow (legacy system) to replace. But will he buy a goose that lays a golden egg, get palmed off with a sack-full of beans, or fall into the hands of the 40 thieves?
In the meantime boys and girls, here are so panto-style audience participation chants to practise…
When the Wicked Vendor enters stage left & shouts “Our software is Windows 7 compliant” – you say “Oh, no it isn't” – and he replies “Oh, yes it is” etc etc until everyone gets over-excited and has to go to the bar.
Alternatively, when the Wicked Vendor enters stage right & shouts “Our company has a great future ahead of it” – you say “It's behind you”.
Act 2 (still being written) sees Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother attempting to turn 4 rats and a pumpkin into a Microsoft Sharepoint-based document management system – but will they get it to the ball before midnight?
More later – CC

Is there room for a rather portly buttons to save the day ??? or perhaps I could be the genie from the lamp that makes all the integration join up into one unified system?

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