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And then we turned into Father Jack

Imagine our surprise and delight at Villa d'Orange when a courier service delivered a carefully wrapped package marked Caution – contains glass. A quick look confirmed it contained bottled liquid and was from TM Search Choice. Was it a half bottle of champagne or perhaps a fine vintage wine, along with a crystal goblet, to promote their new local authority search service?

Strange, there was a glass – nice bit of Dartington – but it was a tumbler. And that certainly wasn't vintage wine in a screw-top bottle – in fact it was a clear liquid. Ah, maybe it was vodka – perhaps to celebrate breaking free of the Stalinist grasp of the NLIS hub?

No. It wasn't vodka either – it was water – to emphasise that TM's local searches are “drawn directly from source” (Geddit?) Water! At this point we found ourselves turning into the Father Jack character out of the old Father Ted TV series… Water! Feck! Drink! Feck! Still, at least TM got their plug.

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You missed out “Girlz”, father Jack would never have forgotten about the “girlz”.

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