And here's another comment on Islington – and from another of those PMS guys – here's the release from SOS…

“Clearly not quantity but at least some quality at Legal IT 2009 this week

“SOS has reported that although attendance was clearly down over the two days at Legal IT 2009 in Islington this week, some consolation could be had by the fact that those delegates from firms that did brave the elements to attend were giving serious consideration towards new legal software, despite the current economic climate.
“David McNamara, managing director of SOS, explained: “This week, we have met with more firms who have been affected by the consolidation of legal software supplier companies which has been taking place over the past 24 months or so. Quite simply, development of their existing software has come to a halt with its support now limited and with a cut-off date also, so they are seriously reconsidering their options and moving to entirely new software.” Whilst this has not come at a good time for most firms, SOS has already proved a very good move for other firms facing this predicament, with operational and efficiency gains more than justifying the move to a completely new integrated system. “The fact we have good software is one thing,” says McNamara, “but being able to provide the assurance of long term product development and support of our software and clients is proving equally important in their decisions to switch to SOS.”