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And yet more on Islington

And here's another comment on Islington – and from another of those PMS guys – here's the release from SOS…

“Clearly not quantity but at least some quality at Legal IT 2009 this week

“SOS has reported that although attendance was clearly down over the two days at Legal IT 2009 in Islington this week, some consolation could be had by the fact that those delegates from firms that did brave the elements to attend were giving serious consideration towards new legal software, despite the current economic climate.
“David McNamara, managing director of SOS, explained: “This week, we have met with more firms who have been affected by the consolidation of legal software supplier companies which has been taking place over the past 24 months or so. Quite simply, development of their existing software has come to a halt with its support now limited and with a cut-off date also, so they are seriously reconsidering their options and moving to entirely new software.” Whilst this has not come at a good time for most firms, SOS has already proved a very good move for other firms facing this predicament, with operational and efficiency gains more than justifying the move to a completely new integrated system. “The fact we have good software is one thing,” says McNamara, “but being able to provide the assurance of long term product development and support of our software and clients is proving equally important in their decisions to switch to SOS.”

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I am presumıng thıs ıs a paıd for advertısement or can we all wade ın and do the same

You are all free to wade in the same. Altho please remember that any fatuous claims you make may be subsequently used against you when you start laying off staff, going bust, being bought by IRIS or indeed doing anything else that allows your competitors to dance on your grave.

Mark Craddock of FWBS has forwarded the following comment… “FWBS found the event useful in the purpose of generating interest & opportunity, but (again) possibly due to the weather overall fewer numbers.
“However, in supporting the view that those people who really are looking to purchase legal IT software made the effort, with the quality/quantity balance faring well. I’d also agree that the 'Forrest Gump' suppliers (box of chocolates – never know what you’re gonna get) help to drive quality leads, as many firms fearing single vendors having lots of competing products for sale.”
• Yes, he does appear to have found a novel way to describe the likes of LexisNexis and the IRIS Group.

I agree with David McNamara. At Iken Business we too are finding an increased interest from prospects who want to work with the orginal software creators and owners. Legal software purchase represents a large investment of time as well as money and clients want to know that the product and suppliers they choose are in it for the long term.
From another point of view, I once worked for an acquisitive company that created internal competition. As a senior manager one could never be sure whether 'those upstairs' were 100% committed to the sale and service of our particular offerings. I take the view that success depends on all stakeholders, employees and clients alike, having board level assurance of long term commitment to the future road map of products and services on offer. Clients appear to agree !!

I just wanted to start by thanking all of the visitors and exhibitors that braved the snow to attend the Legal IT Show last week. We had introduced a number of new initiatives for 2009 such as a streamed conference programme, exhibitor slots on speaker’s corner, round-table discussions and Gerald Ratner’s out-of-the-box keynote. I think that it is fair to say that some of these things worked better than others, but I suppose that is always going to be the case when you try new things. We were obviously concerned that the current general economic malaise would have a negative effect on our pre-registration numbers, but these were broadly comparable to the 2008 show. This would suggest to me that the downturn in actual visitor numbers was mainly due to the adverse weather conditions.
One thing that I can say with certainty is that we will have to redouble our efforts for 2010 and beyond. In view of this I would welcome any comments and suggestions that any exhibitor or visitor might like to make with regards to improving the format and content of the show. We are always especially keen to hear about interesting case-studies. My direct line is +44 (0) 207 017 5755 or I can be reached at I would also like to take this opportunity to make everyone aware that next year’s show will be on the 10th & 11th of February. This will alleviate the clash with the New York show and hopefully we have picked a week with rather more clement weather.

For the record, LegalTech New York 2010 takes place on Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd February inclusive – so there's plenty of time to make both events and recover from the jet-lag. (OK, the global economy may have completely collapsed by then, airlines will have stopped flying and we'll be burning servers – Mad Max style – to keep warm, but in theory it should be possible to make both events.)

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