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Announcing the new Insider News Wire

As part of the continuing expansion of our legal technology news content delivery, we have now launched the INSIDER NEWS WIRE, a highlighted box on our new website where we will post your latest press releases that have not, through lack of space or any other reasons, made it onto main The Orange Rag breaking news section or into our newsletters. Full length stories on major news items will continue appear on the Orange Rag page but you will also now have the ability to see other news stories appear in Insider News Wire – a FREE news channel.

Just send in news items, releases, announcements in the usual way and we will post them onto the FREE Insider New Wire. The release’s title will be displayed in the new Insider News Wire orange highlighted box on the right-hand column of the main Orange Rag page. Readers then simply click on a headline for the full story or view all the latest stories on one page.

So, as usual, send us a news release about any aspect legal technology – products, services, acquisitions, sales, people, events, jobs, markets. As long as it is relevant and approved by the Editor we will include it on the FREE Insider News Wire. (We do reserve the right to not publish material at our discretion.)

COMMENT: By the way, did we mention this service is FREE? With absolutely no hocus-pocus network/associate/syndication/partner/whatever charges?

What else is new? We will also be using the new Insider News Wire service to increase our coverage of ediscovery news plus all those other areas of legal IT that currently don’t make it either onto the Blog or into our newsletters – so you will be able to get all the news that matters from just this one site – and coincidentally saving you the time and effort of needing to look elsewhere.

Here are some of the comments we’ve already received about the new service…

“This is terrific news, Charles. ALWAYS love additional resources and outlets for our news. And, FREE. Love that!”  ...Carolyn Depko, Director of Marketing, Edge Legal Marketing (US)

“Hi Charles, Good stuff – I like the free bit! That really could come in useful for all sorts of bits and pieces – I’ve got new clients popping up here and there and a proper, credible news wire style channel is sorely needed!”  …Sarah Levick, Sarah Levick PR, Marketing & Copywriting (UK)

2 replies on “Announcing the new Insider News Wire”

Amazing – we’ve just had some geezer try to sell us the same service for £2000 a year – and your service is free!

Charles: Wow. That is fantastic! Thanks so much for filling me in on this. We would definitely like to make use of this in the future and I’ll continue sending you all our releases and News Updates for this purpose. What a cool new service!

Thanks, again.

— Shana

(this is a comment we received by email this morning …Ed)

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