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Another AIM site goes AWOL

Tuesday saw 50-user law firm Barker Booth Eastwood announce it was swapping out its IRIS AIM Evolution system in favour of Partner for Windows from TikitTFB and now Orange Rag sources have revealed that another AIM Evolution site is also about to say goodbye. The site is 60-user Pickering & Butters LLP in Stafford, which has just signed-up to swap-out AIM in favour of SOS Connect from Solicitors Own Software. The changeover is scheduled to take place in the New Year.

Comment: Does anyone know if any of these AIM sites are still on the old Evolution Classic platform? We've also been asked by other software vendors to point out that AIM users are not restricted to buying systems from suppliers with only three letters in their name (TFB, SOS etc). For the record: this story did not come from SOS.

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Perhaps this is why ‘other software vendors’ are not winning contracts these days. They are assuming that their ‘potential’ clients are stupid and are only looking at vendors with three letters in their names. If I were them, I would learn, and quickly, how to treat law firms and their staff and have some respect for them. Remember they are the ‘Customer’ and they are not as stupid as you think!

No they are on latest Aim Evolution. From memory there were only a small number of “classic ” sites left and most of these we offered free upgrades to an Iris solution.
Interstingly Aim Evolution is there highest revenue earner in terms of support fees so they will not be pleased

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