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Another Elite win and a "better recipe for success"

At a meeting with Steve Beuge, the CEO of Elite, earlier this week at the ILTA conference in Maryland, he told The Orange Rag that, in the wake of the A&O implementation, Lovells was “re-engaging” and back on course with its Elite 3E PMS implementation and now had a “better recipe for success and clearer vision of the final outcome”.

Keeping with the culinary metaphor, the proof of the pudding includes the fact that…

• over the past 60 days, five more 3E sites have gone live (there are now 24 organisations live on 3E)

• and, this month (August) has seen three more 3E orders – one in Australia (an old Aderant site – see below) + one in the UK + one in the US. (The latter two are an Enterprise upgrade and a 3rd party legacy system swap out.)

Beuge added that the company was now “starting to think about new products, new markets and possible acquisitions”.

That Australian win…
Seventy lawyer M+K Lawyers, which has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Victoria, has selected 3E as its new practice management system. The firm's chief financial officer Len Methananda said the firm selected Elite 3E because they needed “a practice management system that will easily scale as our business grows and also allow us to meet evolving and unanticipated client expectation.” Adding that “We have been constrained by our current system's dated technology and its 'band aid' approach to new functionality.”

Orange Rag sources say the firm currently runs an old Aderant CMS system but had “stopped speaking to Aderant years ago” and that “the marriage had been over a long time ans it was only a case of when the divorce would be announced.”

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A very interesting win for Elite there – should certainly make anyone looking at the 'Elite or Aderant' decision take a much closer look given they've obviously chosen to pay for 3E instead of upgrading, which though still not an insigificant cost would have been much cheaper.

Not necessarily true. If the the relationship between M+K and Aderant had been over for quite some time, this would have meant they would not have been paying support & maintenance. So an upgrade would essentially be a repurchase of the software. Unlike the upgrade from Enterprise to 3e, I believe the upgrade from an older Aderant Expert version to the latest is always free as long as the client is on support & maintenance.

Did a little digging here and found someone to confirm the details. My source (such a mysterious word) has confirmed that the firm are current on maintenance, so there must have been some very tangible benefits. This one will be interesting to hear more about.

The word is they are not on the current Aderant Expert system but an an earlier Solution 6 vintage CMS PMS and had a big falling out over a CRM project.

Did some of my own digging and can confirm that M+K are definitely not current on maintenance and have not been since as far back as late 2007. Indeed it will be interesting to hear about the real facts.

And the next question, obviously, is why did they stop paying maintenance and decide to look for, and subsequently purchase, another PMS system. Which, from the story as reported, is a real fact…

By way of introduction my name is Lucas Garlepp. I’m a Regional Sales Manager for Elite in AsiaPac and helped M+K with the extensive due diligence process that led to their decision. Reading these posts with interest I thought it worthwhile to comment to correct some of the information here.
M+K are on version 5.x of CMS, now known as Aderant Expert. From what I understand this version was released in mid 2003 (source: Solution 6 Press Release July 2003) so though not entirely current, I'm not sure 'vintage' is a factual description.
M+K's CFO has confirmed with me also that they make regular maintenance payments and to his knowledge they continue to do so.
Should anyone like further information about why M+K chose to implement Elite 3E, I would be happy to answer any questions in this forum, or offline ( As one of the posters above notes – indeed a very interesting win demonstrating the advantages of deploying an entirely new technology platform. After all, where would the iPod be if we were still using cassette tapes to store our music?

Why is it that PMS related posts (the dullest of all law firm technology applications with minimal impact on a firm's ability to really differentiate) generate the most hot air and noise on this forum? And are any posts on these actually from anyone other than sales folk past or present?

Compared with some technologies – like e-discovery & lit support – PMS is sex on legs

Perhaps because PMS related posts (the most exciting of all law firm technology applications with maximum impact on a firm's ability really to differentiate [split infinitive corrected]) generate the most interest?

Lucas, while you're at it maybe you can also tell us all why the (four/five?) sites that have dumped 3E and moved to Aderant Expert took their decisions? Maybe they just lacked the technology vision that you guys in Thomsonreuterselitewhosnext have?

It is true that some of the early adopters of 3E faced challenges with the software, as you would expect with version 1 of any entirely new application. The vast majority persevered seeing their decision as the correct long term position for their business and these firms are now seeing the benefits (another five sites successfully live in the past few months and around 30 in total by years end if memory serves), however a few firms chose to take another path and Elite respected their decision. The good news for those who persevered, and for those looking at PMS systems right now is that those early challenges are behind us, and we’re primed with that “better recipe for success” – which takes us back to the subject of this thread.
Please contact me via email if you would like to talk further on this, as some firms in this position consider it a ‘sensitive’ subject and as such it’s perhaps inappropriate to discuss in an open forum.
Cheers, Lucas.

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