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Another UK firm swaps out Miles 33 in favour of Elite 3E

London-based law firm Bircham Dyson Bell LLP has selected Elite 3E as its next-generation financial and practice management system. The firm needed a more sophisticated platform to better handle future growth and adapt to its specific business processes. The evaluation and selection process, managed by 3 Kites Consulting, was targeted at evaluating the market in order to provide BDB with a solution that would assist in areas that their legacy system could not meet. (According to Insider records, the legacy system was Miles 33.)

“We reached a point where our previous system was no longer able to support our increasingly complex business requirements.  So we had to find the right system that would meet those demands, whilst supporting our long term plans for growth,” said the firm's managing partner Guy Vincent. “We found 3E far and away the best solution that offered the right balance of business process flexibility and core architecture functionality to support our firm over the next 10 to 20 years.”

5 replies on “Another UK firm swaps out Miles 33 in favour of Elite 3E”

Miles 33…. never heard of them are they another new kid on the block?

If that is a serious comment I think you are the new kid on the block. We should all learn a bit from history, it may stop us all making the same mistakes time and time again. Each generation has to learn the mistakes for itself though.
Miles 33, like many before them, it probably one of the greatest adverts for making sure you never think you have cracked this business and that once you are successful, you always will be.
Charles, you could start a thread on the once great names of this industry that took their eye of the ball.

Where to begin with the once great names…
Wang ? (The English Law Society, ironically, were one of their last big legal orders)
Novell ?
WordPerfect ?

Perhaps of more interest than 'blasts from the past' (in terms of putting the cat amogst the flying rats), would be a list of the encumbents we all hear about today, but who have their eyes elsewhere currently and will therefore become the Wangs and Miles33 of 2016/2021 …

Wang were probably doomed when they created the catchy Wang Cares name for their customer services department.
It never caught on in the UK.

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