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Another US law firm selects Frayman for ethical walls

Long-established California law firm Rutan & Tucker LLP has selected the Compliguard Protect ethical walls system from the Frayman Group for information governance, confidentiality management and activity monitoring. The firm, which has offices in Orange County and Palo Alto, will be leveraging Compliguard Protect to secure sensitive content in business critical systems including iManage Worksite, iRM, DTE Axiom and Aderant, as well as content stored on network file shares.

“Compliguard Protect was better value for our firm compared to all other products we looked at, as it is a full-featured enterprise ethical walls application at a very attractive price point,” said Dave Crunkleton, Director of IT at Rutan & Tucker. “Our team loved the simplicity of the user interface, the extensibility of the application and its .NET-based architecture.”

Commenting on the deal, Alp Hug of the Frayman Group told the Orange Rag “We are finding increasingly that our competition is attempting to charge significantly higher price points for the same functionality as in our product to mid-size law firms. As a result, we are winning deals more frequently, as with all other things being equal (product functionality, referencable customers, proven company, domain expertise), price now plays an important role. The Rutan win is a perfect example of this. The firm thought two vendors had great products, both had great references, one vendor had a much better price point, a shorter implementation cycle and a significantly cheaper implementation timeline – and you can see the result of this equation.”