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Another week, another new LPO supplier

Latitude South NZ Ltd today launched its new legal outsourcing offering, designed for UK in-house legal teams and law firms to reduce the costs of substantive legal work by utilizing a team of New Zealand-based former lawyers with UK and international experience.

Latitude South claim their services will enable savings of up to 50% on substantive legal support services including professional support and know-how services, the design of standard form agreements, the drafting of bespoke documents, and peer review. Latitude South will also provide project management and legal process engineering services to help unbundle the substantive legal work appropriate for outsourcing.
“Many organizations have a high proportion of substantive legal services that can be outsourced if the provider has the right commercial experience and a professional compatibility with its clients,” said Latitude South Director Larissa Glubb.  “LPOs (legal process outsourcers) provide a valuable outsourcing option to clients with high volume paralegal work, but for many organizations substantive work constitutes a far greater proportion of external legal spend. We want to broaden the range of legal tasks that can be outsourced by providing the services of seasoned legal professionals who have practiced in leading UK law firms and in-house teams.”

Latitude South has secured a team of former lawyers with 9+ years PQE who will operate remotely from New Zealand, and will be supported by a team in Asia and an onshore presence in London.  Latitude South actively recruited former lawyers who practiced overseas and have returned to New Zealand as parents. “The high calibre talent in this demographic is under-utilized because traditional legal work structures don't naturally accommodate them”, said Glubb. “We've built a model that better realizes that talent for the benefit of our clients.”

Latitude South NZ Ltd is registered in New Zealand, has a management presence in Asia (Singapore) and an onshore presence in the UK. Latitude South is not a law firm and does not offer legal advice. Latitude South was co-founded in 2009 by New Zealander Larissa Glubb who previously provided substantive legal services remotely from New Zealand to a global law firm based in London and a major US-based IT solutions provider. Andrew Hamilton, also from New Zealand, resigned as a director at Deutsche Bank after nine years as a project manager and process engineer for global markets to co-found Latitude South.

Attached is a media pack from Latitude South.