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Answer a question – and win a book

Looking for something to read over Christmas? Well we have a pristine copy of Internet Business Commerce & Tax (I know, be still my beating heart) 2nd edition/2012 by Julian Hickey and team at Bird & Bird (list price £95.00) going free to the first person (must be in the UK, postage & all that) to answer the following question…

Before it was known as the World Wide Web, what was the name of Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s first hypertext-based search and share application for linking to and accessing information on the internet? (Clue: the name was inspired by a Victorian-era how to guide to domestic life called XXXXXXXX Within Upon Everything.) Answers by email to

One reply on “Answer a question – and win a book”

And we have a winner – Simon Williams of Workshare – the application was called Enquire.

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