Arguably a litmus test of what’s on Allen & Overy’s radar in terms of new tech, tech innovation space Fuse will launch its fourth cohort virtually on 3 June, with BRYTER and Orbital Witness among the new companies in residence. For the first time, Fuse includes a FinTech stream selected in collaboration with key clients such as Citi Ventures.

Joining Fuse legaltech alumni Nivaura, REGnosys, Avvoka and Define are BRYTER; Serein AI; StructureFlow; Orbital Witness; and Clara.

BRYTER – Helps lawyers to automate their expert knowledge by using their no-code building platform to build, manage and sell interactive applications, enabling them to digitise and scale their services.

Serein AI – Helps clients to automate the review and mark-up of routine legal contracts using AI.  By extracting data, lawyers can better understand and harness the information in their contracts.

StructureFlow – Helps lawyers to model complex legal structures and transactions more easily and visually. It enables static two dimensional diagrams to become dynamic, data-rich, information maps, which can be accessed and navigated by multiple stakeholders as part of a transaction.

Orbital Witness – Helps investors, developers, lenders and their professional advisors gain greater visibility into issues impacting value, liquidity and intended use of a real estate asset or portfolio by creating a universal risk rating system for property transactions.

Clara – Helps founders with many of the processes currently performed by lawyers, such as incorporating companies, drafting agreements, building capital tables and structuring data rooms.

The four new FinTech residents have been chosen in collaboration with certain of A&O’s financial institution clients. They are:

Secretarium – Helps businesses to achieve fast, confidential computing by using cryptography, consensus algorithms and specialist hardware to achieve end-to-end encryption and tamper-proofing of data at rest, in transit and in use.

Loan Optics – Helps to streamline the primary and secondary loan implementation process to make the syndicated loan market digitally native, thus driving significant operational savings.

Saphyre – Helps firms to assess risk faster, speed up their ready to trade process with accuracy and eliminate redundant or inefficient processes in booking, confirmation, and settlement. The platform organises data with an end-to-end workflow involving multiple stakeholders.

Proxymity – Helps provide a real-time and fully transparent electronic proxy voting solution. The platform removes the need for manual and often paper-based processing which slows down the current system and makes it opaque. It also offers a shareholder disclosure platform, which automates shareholder ID requests in industry compliant formats without the need for any manual intervention.

Shruti Ajitsaria, Partner and Head of Fuse, said, “Fuse has proven itself as a fertile ground for successful collaboration between our lawyers and those at the cutting edge of legaltech innovation.

I am very much looking forward to launching the fourth Fuse cohort virtually – it will enable us to connect with our lawyers and clients across our global network seamlessly and efficiently. I am also particularly pleased to have a FinTech stream, as nominated by our clients, in the Fuse cohort. I look forward to the many learnings that this will bring to our lawyers.”

Luis Valdich, Managing Director, Citi Ventures added: “We are very pleased to have the startup we nominated join the latest Fuse Cohort. Startups in regulated areas of financial services need to understand the legal constructs that they form part of and thus it is refreshing to see a premier law firm proactively collaborate and contribute its part to drive innovation in the exciting UK fintech ecosystem.”