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A&O select IntApp for Chinese walls

IntApp Inc today announced that Allen & Overy LLP, which has approximately 2700 lawyers and 5000 total staff working in 34 major centres worldwide, has selected IntApp Wall Builder to enforce confidentiality policies and track compliance across the firm.
Wall Builder is a web-based confidentiality management application that enables organisations to centrally control, monitor and report on user access permissions across multiple applications including document management, accounting, portal, CRM, time entry and records management systems. It also automates notifications to individuals subject to specific policies and tracks acknowledgments for compliance purposes.
“We made a strategic decision to adopt technology controls to help us manage information barrier and wider client confidentiality issues and in particular to enhance our ability to monitor and audit compliance,” said Heather McCallum, Partner and Head of Risk and Compliance, Allen & Overy. “We selected Wall Builder because it’s a mature product that has been widely adopted by law  firms, and because IntApp possesses the necessary expertise and could demonstrate success working with large, global firms to address information barrier and client confidentiality requirements.”
Law firms manage and track internal access to client information for many reasons. These include requirements tied to rules of professional responsibility regarding conflicts and confidential information (SRA Rules 3 & 4), client mandates and legislation including the EU Market Abuse and Privacy Directives. Wall Builder replaces distributed, ad hoc approaches to information security with a centralised system that provides organisations with unprecedented capability and control over user access to specific applications, documents and other information. It’s the only product for law firms that delivers real-time enforcement while updating access rights in response to lawyer behaviour to ensure that policies are kept up to date automatically.
“Given the complexity of our IT environment and demanding technology standards, prior to finalising our selection of IntApp Wall Builder, we conducted an extensive pilot roll-out and testing process which spanned several months,” said Jason Haines, Global IT Director, Allen & Overy. “During this process, IntApp addressed all of our concerns, demonstrating how Wall Builder will meet our firm’s exacting technology, data integration and vendor support requirements.”