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APAC New round-up

Here's our latest round-up of Asia-Pacific (OK Australian) legal technology news…

IntApp reports that Norton Rose Group, a leading international legal practice comprising more than 2600 lawyers operating from 39 offices, has won the 2011 Lawtech Award in the security and risk management category for deploying IntApp Wall Builder to enhance confidentiality controls and track compliance across the organisation. The (Australian) Lawtech Awards provide an independent forum for law firm IT leaders to honor peer innovation and performance in executing technology projects. Each year five firms are recognised in a select set of categories.

“As an international legal practice pursuing a growth strategy, we face rigorous confidentiality requirements driven by factors including client mandates, professional rules, data privacy laws and our internal information security regime,” said Brendan McDonagh, Director of Practice Management, Norton Rose. “We invested in IntApp Wall Builder for confidentiality management because of the product’s proven track record, technological capability and significant momentum and adoption in the marketplace. We’ve been particularly pleased with the quality of service and support IntApp provide, as they continue to enhance Wall Builder in response to evolving industry needs.”

An independent survey by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) of its membership shows IntApp's Wall Builder remains the most widely adopted ethical wall software for law firms today. ILTA’s 2011 Technology Survey presents responses collected from over 500 law firms, comprising over 100,000 lawyers and over 250,000 total users. Report data show that 72% of large law firms (700 or more lawyers) using commercial software to enforce ethical screens to secure access to confidential information have standardized on IntApp Wall Builder. Additionally, 67% of firms with 350 to 699 lawyers and 55% of firms with 150 to 349 lawyers using commercial confidentiality management software have chosen Wall Builder. The survey report presents market share data on several software products available to law firms.

Survey Data: Confidentiality Products Used by Firms with 700 or More Lawyers

Wall Builder (IntApp)                72%
CompliGuard Protect (The Frayman Group)        20%
iMPrivate (DocAuto)                    4%
SecurityGuard (Olson Consulting)            4%
WincWall (Wertheim Global Solutions)        0%
MasterEthics (RBRO Solutions)            0%
The Wall (Younts Consulting)            0%

TOTAL                            100%

Survey Data: Confidentiality Products Used by Firms with 350-699 Lawyers

Wall Builder (IntApp)                67%
CompliGuard Protect (The Frayman Group)        4%
iMPrivate (DocAuto)                    4%
SecurityGuard (Olson Consulting)            4%
WincWall (Wertheim Global Solutions)        11%
MasterEthics (RBRO Solutions)            11%
The Wall (Younts Consulting)            0%

TOTAL                            100%

Next up LexisNexis Australia has announced significant new innovations to its Lexis Affinity Library practice management system, addressing the need for legal professionals to improve performance reporting and workflow efficiency.
“Lexis Affinity Library version 3.0 is an example of the LexisNexis commitment to helping customers achieve better business outcomes. Ongoing feedback from customers was used to create the advanced tools to help minimise risk, gain key insights and make informed decisions,” said Chris Cook, director of Practice Management, LexisNexis Pacific.
The new version was developed from a series of customer advisory boards and in collaboration with practice managers, who helped scope and recommend key software requirements needed to run a legal business, improve day-to-day operations and increase profitability. Customers used a BETA version to test functionality and usability. The Report Developer function is the main improvement to Lexis Affinity Library. It gives firms the ability to build their own reports, use existing data schemas and leverage a new suite of reports and dashboards which they can modify to suit their business needs.
Key advancements also include:
–       Dashboard templates to help managers bring together information from across the business into an overview of its overall performance. The feature also increases efficiencies and flexibility by exporting reports in various formats, including Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets and PDFs.
–       Searchable Help function for an improved trouble-shooting experience.
–       Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange 2010 server to allow smooth flow of information between the two systems, managing staff and fee earners time more efficiently.
For more information on Lexis Affinity Library, contact Customer Relations on 1800 772 772 or visit

Mallesons Stephen Jaques and Integreon, the largest global provider of integrated legal, business and research solutions, have announced their preferred supplier agreement for legal process outsourcing (LPO) support services. “This Australian first signals a watershed in the way legal services in corporate Australia are provided,” says Tony O’Malley, Managing Partner, Mallesons. “We are making efficiency our business, whilst responding to cost pressures in the highly competitive legal market. This agreement will deliver the sourcing alternatives and efficiency that our clients are demanding, and enable us to maintain the oversight and control necessary to deliver the level of legal advice for which we are known. LPO is already common practice elsewhere in the world, and it’s time that our clients have access to, and benefit from this innovative business practice.”
Bob Gogel, CEO of Integreon said: “Mallesons is leading the charge for bold innovation in legal services delivery in Australia. By fully evaluating and understanding the evolving needs of their clients and embracing the business-model transformation necessary to meet those needs, Mallesons continues to exhibit the bold thinking that is a hallmark of leading global law firms.”
Through a rigorous due diligence process, Mallesons chose Integreon for its proven quality, consistency, transparency and reliability. Of the legal process outsourcing providers evaluated by Mallesons, Integreon exhibited the greatest ability to scale globally to meet clients’ constantly evolving needs. The Integreon team will consist of experienced staff members, including forensic experts and individuals with advanced law and business degrees, supported by teams of lawyers, as case needs dictate.

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• Finally… DocsCorp has announced that Mallesons has selected the company's CompareDocs system as its document comparison solution. And, Clifford Chance (APAC offices) and Thynne & Macartney have selected DocsCorp's new Content Crawler for tracking down image-based documents within Autonomy iManage.

DocsCorp also has a new event… it is hosting a complimentary seminar at the Sydney Hilton on 21 November, 8:30-10:00am. The seminar Start today and Put an End to Content Chaos will address two of the key findings in the AIIM State of the Nation ECM survey, which reports that 41% of organisations are not confident they can retrieve documents on demand-56% are even less confident they can retrieve emails. Accessibility and retrievability of complete and accurate information are crucial. Failure to do so impacts the bottom line, workplace efficiency, regulatory compliance, productivity and exposes the organisation to unnecessary legal risks. The one-hour seminar will demonstrate how DocsCorp's Content Crawler and Mimecast can help businesses keep their content in order. To register follow this link