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APAC News: another Australian law firm win for IntApp

Russell Kennedy Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based law firm, has selected IntApp Integration Builder to deliver the data communication and information management underlying internal business processes including new matter intake and new personnel intake.

“We see automating data management as a critical component of workflow – forms and dashboards can coordinate human input and response, but real-time information movement among business applications is key to true process automation,” said Dinesh Rajalingam, IT Manager, Russell Kennedy Pty Ltd. “After evaluating available options and seeing the tremendous success other firms have had with IntApp Integration Builder, we decided we had to get our hands on it. The product is a natural complement to the Microsoft technologies we’re using for our user-facing forms, and it includes pre-built templates for connecting our Elite practice management, Autonomy iManage document management and Microsoft Active Directory identity management systems.

“We considered another software option for business intake from a vendor claiming to provide seamless, native integration with our firm’s systems. But on closer examination, we discovered that significant custom integrations would still need to be built during project implementation,” added Rajalingam. “Rather than go down a path that would have added significant complexity, time and risk to our project, we opted for the architecturally cleaner, quicker and more cost-effective approach provided by IntApp Integration Builder.”