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APAC News: BYOD at Gilbert + Tobin = Bighand on smartphones

BigHand today reports that Gilbert + Tobin has seen more of its lawyers request BigHand on their smartphone as an essential business application during a firm wide refresh of its smartphone devices and a new BYOD strategy. The way lawyers are using their smartphone has shifted significantly over the past decade, with many lawyers now pushing for applications to increase productivity. BigHand for smartphone is a key example of this, enabling lawyers to easily work on the go, from home or abroad and instantly send dictations into the workflow in just a click.

Steve Thornton, IT Manager at Gilbert + Tobin comments: “Lawyers don’t necessarily buy into technology but for the first time ever lawyers are asking for particular brands such as BigHand. In the 4 months since we launched a device refresh and bring your own device (BYOD) option, Apple iPhone and Android adoption has increased from 10% to 70%; away from other devises that are not as business app rich. This shift is representative of how the lawyers are utilising their smartphones to realise business and efficiency gains.”

Gilbert + Tobin were one of the first Australian adopters of the BigHand Digital Dictation solution in 2007 initially adopting the BigHand for Blackberry module. The solution revolutionised document turnaround with quicker response time to clients through increased workflow efficiencies. The solution has been so successful that lawyers are now requesting the solution on their new smartphones.

Thornton continues: “We are big promoters of working remotely and have a lot of lawyers who work outside of our three offices especially in Brisbane, The Central Coast, and internationally in New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia. These lawyers have welcomed the flexibility of being able to dictate on their smartphone remotely, and send the dictation straight into the workflow without the delays associated with docking. This has streamlined the work sent through to the WP teams, who are now able to more effectively manage the dictation queue for more efficient document turnaround.”

BigHand’s recent national roadshow has demonstrated the synergies of BigHand and smartphone technology, especially the power of Speech Recognition. The popularity of the roadshow has been a strong indication that firms Australia wide are adopting smartphones as core working tool – many of which are already BigHand clients. 75% of the top 40 law firms in Australia, including Gilbert + Tobin are already realising the benefits of BigHand and BigHand for smartphone.

Sean Stephens, Asia Pacific Sales Director at BigHand concludes: “The feedback we have received from attendees of our national roadshow was clear; firms are looking to deliver higher value services in shorter timeframes to clients, and one of the key ways to achieve this is to give staff the right tools which enable them to work smarter, and be more productive. Embracing full-featured smartphones, coupled with applications like BigHand keeps them connected to support staff wherever they are, increasing internal communication and decreasing document turnaround times. Gilbert + Tobin have a very clear strategy in this respect, and we are delighted to see them maximise their smartphone investment.”