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APAC News: Mallesons selects Intralinks

IntraLinks, a provider of critical information exchange solutions, today announced that Mallesons Stephen Jaques (Mallesons), a leading law firm in the Asian region, has selected IntraLinks to provide a Software-as-a-Service platform for all M&A advisory work with its clients. The IntraLinks Software-as-a-Service solution will enable the firm to continue to organise, manage, track and securely share its critical information inside and outside the firewall for all legal and due diligence activities.
“Having secure access to applications and data from a range of devices on complex and confidential matters is critical, for our lawyers and our clients,” said Michelle Mahoney, Director, Applied Legal Technology at Mallesons. “On some matters we have over 100 lawyers across multiple geographies working on thousands of documents and pieces of information.  We wanted to move from being good in this space, to being exceptional.   And within this, we wanted to realise tangible benefits for our clients.  IntraLinks’ Software-as-a-Service platform provides us with a truly world-class system and is part and parcel of the firm’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to clients”.
With IntraLinks, Mallesons expects to reduce processing times and reduce operational costs while improving client service and providing their lawyers with a simple, fast and easy solution.
“IntraLinks offers law firms a powerful tool to better manage complex document sets, reduce inefficiencies and costs, collaborate with external parties and improve client relationships,” said Martin Vodden, general manager, Australia and New Zealand, IntraLinks. “This agreement marks a hugely influential law firm in the Asian region moving its practice from an internal software system to an external secure Software-as-a-Service platform, signifying a major shift in how law firms will operate in the future.”

Comment: Cutting through some of the marketing hype, Vodden is right, the trend for moving from inhouse systems to hosted SaaS is gaining momentum in the the legal sector. It may not have quite reached the tipping point of becoming the new paradigm but it's on its way there.

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Releases like this confuse the hell out of people. What Intralinks provides is a virtual document sharing boardroom facility, indeed a great idea and it sounds like its been well implemented. This type of facility should not be confused with core and heavily customised systems like PMS which can be 'hosted' but are not really SAAS solutions due to their ultimate uniqueness. Many CIO's are saying that SAAS is great for ancillary, standard solutions, but not for those that are core and customised for competitive edge

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